Lockdown Vibes (The down time list)

Lockdown Vibes (The down time list)

During this lockdown i am faced with an insatiable, unquenchable thirst to have an inspiring up-to-date playlist that will get me through these troubling times. Music has always been able to put me in my feels….any mood has a playlist every song has a moment in life that correspondes to it. And now that I have a lot of time to myself at home i find that i need to have an ever evolving playlist, because playing the same songs can get very old very fast(especially for someone like me who plays some songs on repeat for hours….) right now for this intro am playing “In My Room” by frank Ocean and its giving my the motivation to tell y’all about my lockdown down time playlist….I hope some can relate….


JUICE WRLD Ft Trippie Redd




This song lands on this list through sheer luck because I’ve been trying to avoid playing Juice Wrld’s music(because my sister says I need to cut down on my sad music vibes)…It caught me by surprise and didn’texpect to fall this hard for this track….I was really impressed Juices verse its always a vibe to have this man’s music playing in the background while I read my book or workout especially since lockdown….hell I even cook to this guys music, I think  it add flavour tomy food and am always in my zone when ever I write and this song plays on repeat. For one I love Juice and Trippie individually but put them on the same track and find a space for my to do me…best believe my hood is about to be forced into a listening session…



Juice WRLD ft Lil Yachty



So sometime during this lockdown I like to think to think about trivial matters, the unimportant stuff…and those moments this track right here is my theme song, in those points in time I am “Captain Jones Trifling”. (am really stupid like that sometimes)…its tracks like this that have me missing my dreads, because how am I supposed to rave, go Crazy, Lose my sh*t…with a fade??? how??? Anyway ithis song is part of my “wake you ass up” List for this lockdown period and it does the job…on fridays its my alarm….I know you might be wondering why I have an alarm during lockdown, but am building a Summer body so I need to wake up in the morning for that….and this song gets me there….on Fridays.


Mac Miller

Blue World


By now most of y’all shounld understand that this guy was a planet size space in my heart and his music is one of the reasons why am still around…this one made it to the down time list because it reminds me of that Mac I fell in love with back in 2016 (Divine Feminine album)…the whole album is just a vibe am not disappointed at all…its everything I hoped it would be and more. for all you Mac Fans that haven’t taken the time to jamm this album… right now, during lockdown is the time to check it out andfall in love with the all over again…






Some days during lockdown I suffer from wonderlust, and am plagued by a constant and unyielding feeling of nastalgia… sometime I wake up in the middle of the night and sit outsite with my headsets on and listen to this song and think about another forever…the only reason why I have been able to stay sane in the past couple of weeks is because of moments like these, where I play this track on me phone and try to center myself while letting my mind run wild….this song only one four lined verse, but it carries as much feel in it to make it feel like there are five – six verses…my fav version of this song is the тоска  version on Youtube, “Whatever happens, happens…” .. if you’re like me and suffer from the same condition the irecoomend this track


Zach Berro

Feels Like I’m Dreaming


this is also one of those jamms that I use to control or indulge me wanderlust…which normally hits right around the hours of 1 and 3 am, when my soul is restless…this number made it to this list last minute and I was led to it by a Pixie and it has changed my music night life…it gives of that Lofi vibe that you need but don’t know until you hear it…my Youtube imediately went to work and has been suggesting the most chilled sounds ever…this one in particular has made it to the playlist on my phone(which is the most important one) and it has been playing on repeat while I sleep since I found it. for you wanderlust, its a yes from me.






that Pixie I met recently expanded my world of music and this song is just one of the other tracks I came across because of her….she has a fire playlist and one day I’ll take a deep dive into her list and show y’all…Now this song just pulls at the strings of my heart…apart from the fact that I love tea, I love this number because it reminds me of a time when I could just leave with less stress about how to live this life, a time in life when a simple cup of tea could just solve a lot of problems for me…after this am mos def going to dive deep into this man Emawk’s music….and I know am bound to find more gold…


Playboi Carti

@ Meh


This-Guy-Right-Here…. this guy right here is my fav trapper and this track right here just proves to me why he’s my fav…now I Know the album is going to be lit just from hearing this number right here….my boy Vinci was right…we need to see this man’s boby lingo to proper feel this song as intended…I for one currently can’t sleep because there is an album by carti on the way and my mind, body and soul agree that I can’t rest until that fire fire drops…this track is not only on my phone but is also my ring tone…..and whenever I get a call I let my phone ring for a bit just to hear carti…..when that album drops am dropping everything for the day and am going to lock myself up in my room… My plan is to became one with the Album….


Roddy Ricch

Bacc Seat


I was late to the Roddy Ricch wave when it first caught on….and even when I started paying attention to him, I knew he was dope but I still wasn’t that deep in his music…that was all untill I heard this track…the boys in my hood put me on and I’ve been playing it through this lockdown….what got me hooked was when he says “We gon’ fuck for an hour then we gon’ move to the back seat
When you give me a lap dance, baby, watch for the gat, please”


Puma Blue –

Moon Undah Water


I was raisedon that smooth jazz (among other things) and everytime I heard a tune with a jazzy vibe I melo out and ease myself into the world around me. I think its quite possible that even if my parents hadn’t seen the need to expose me to Jazz, I still would’ve made my way to this place….this place in my heart that is reserved only for jazz…this jamm right here caught my attention because it of its name…I love everything related to the moon, and when I read the name and played the track an image of the moon reflected on the surface of a still lake at night, formed in my head. If Jazz is in you or if you love to vibe to that smooth chilled melo rhythm then I recommend this jamm right here…give it a chance, give Puma Blue a chance and you might find something new and liberating his music….


Kid Cudi

Leader Of The Delinquents


I love Scott his musicgives me faith in the way of things….this song gives me faith in the unseen revolution, see I’d like to think of myself as a Passive Anachist, an Agitator in a system meant to hold me dow, and when I first this track a few days back i was reminded of this side of me…the side that thirsts for the destruction of “Normal”…this tract is in my “late night work” playlist because it gives me that push I need to flow while working…this one carries my stamp of approval



The recent restrictions around the country due to Covid 19 I have be unable to have a consistant schedule… but all that has changed and now Thousand Name Jonesis back Baby, so expect more from me going forward…


Locked-Down Jones

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