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2020 slaps different and you can tastes it in the music. With the death of Juice Wrld (last year) and Pop Smoke, Covid-19, and everthing else thats happend these past three months its safe to say that this year the wrld is bound to change in some way or the other, forever… i just hope whatever it is in the end we’re all chilling and healing and repairing our Minds, Bodies and Souls… My love for music has only intensified in the time spent between my last post and this one. Everyday I discover, stumble upon, introduced etc to vast continents of music in this crazy wrld of ours. My life is most out of place whenever I leave the house without my headphones, the world is grey whenever I’m not in tune with the dopes melodies…its feels like a draining  forever. but 2020 has had my playlist ringing in my neighbour’s ears(they know the lyrics to Uzi’s Silly Watch by heart)…Music in 2020 tastes different, it brightens my day, adding color to my life…i just hop that am able to explain to y’all how they make me feel.


Chicago Freestyle


With this Drake has officially made it to my top 5 this first quater. Not that am supprised Drizzy been among the “Leaders Of The New School” for a while now… every year we get a blessing from this man and I hate myself for not admitting it to myself sooner but Drake is “A GOAT”… definitely top ten Rapper of the Decade. and on this Number we hear him channel Shaddy and i love how he goes about the whole thing. this one does it for me…reminds me of my favourite Drake


Young Thug (feat. Juice WRLD)

Blue Cash


Round  and round on repeat its been hours now since I stumbled upon this master piece… and here I was thinking that I would never again hear a song with Young thug and Juice Wrld (Clearly I was wrong). The intro was a mind F**k, I half had the mind to change the song before 0:25…Then I the error of my ways and quickly corrected my nonsense before iit took hold. Am glad I held fast because this baby, right here is a vibe and I like, nuh i STAN it. My prayers where answered and I now i have a new GO JAMM, mornings at my residence will never be the same again.

KYLE ft. K Camp & Rich The Kid



so every now and then I come across a song and my mood, day or even week is set. this track has been that song for the week and I can honestly say as far as this man KYLE is concerned YES!. This guy’s music always gives that summer beach party – and I’ve never been to one- vibe…that “Lets Feel Good About Today regardless”…that ” Can’t Spoil My Mood” Am impressed at how the sound features make the song complete.





Jack Harlow



For reals tho I accidentaly clicked on the video to this track on YouTube and the first 10 Seconds had me on download that was a month ago. This young boy has style and swagg with that flow, bars and lines for days…and am not one to look at color when it comes to music but i must say, I didn’t expect this from from a white guy (again I don’t see color in where music is concerned). Jack Harlow made it (in 2020) to my playlist and it was a beautiful mistake, one that will add flavour to my playlist.


Lil uzi vert

That way


Uzi had me on this one.. I’d been waiting for him to do the thing since he announced his album. the wait was about to kill me when he dropped “That way” on sunday. Everyday since then I’ve been playing this song for 2 hours straight everyday… I love Uzi, his style with these raps, his personality, but mostly I love the man’s ability to move you with his voice…that shit’s godly man even now as I jam it i just can’t enough of this track. Lil Uzi this one has been approved by yours truly,  and this may not carry much weight in the grand scheme of things but i just had to doit anyway.




Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa ft.

Howard & Corry Da Groove

Imali Yam


Yes yes The Scopion kings are the gift that keeps on giving, yeas they where my December everything(food, water, sleep, oxygen, life….everything) and yes they may or may not be the reason why I was M.I.A for 15 days during festive…these guys are out to get the whole cake and i won’t lie if it wasn’t for the this damned covid-19 and these travel restictions i would’ve mos def bought tickets to see them… there is something about Yanos by Kabza and Maphorisa that move my soul and in turn my body as a whole. I can’t dance (especially in public) to save my soul but where these guys are involved am always on go (where ever whenever).



Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa ft. Qwesta kufet, Mas Musiq & Myztro

Mi Amor


Another from the kings that has recently been added to my playlist is this number right here. Featuring Qwesta Kufet, “Mi Amor” almost slipped past my ears but I did one of  my deep dives into the wrld of music where a met and fell in love this great work. How does one afford not to stan such is beyond me. this track is a last minute entry into this list and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be known throughout my hood lyrics and all by the end of the day. Kabza De Small and Dj Maphorisa have been consistant with the delivery of their craft from start to finish I am scared for the fire sounds we are about to hear in the coming months. in my less than honest opinion  these guys should change their name to The Yano Kings…


Juice Wrld ft. Ski Mask The Slump God

Hey Mister


“Hey, mister (Mister), I might give a Glock to my sister (To my sister)
‘Cause it’s a dirty world, you could get hurt (You can get hurt, huh)
Told her enemies to kiss my keister (Huh, my keister)
Hey, mister (Hey, mister, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah), hey, mister”

Its the evil twins and I caught them on a very weird day but they took care of that instantly… Juice(R.I.P) and Ski have always been one of my fav duos in the industry. I play this song EVERY time I go vist my sister and it always slaps the hardest. These new sounds by Juice Wrld have been small heavens and have been instrumental in the process of keeping my sanity. From beat to add lip to lyrics I STAN!!


Hey guys Its been a while and I hope we can pick up where we left off and stay jamming our favs without restriction. I Thousand Name Jones have returned to this plain to write my love for these groovy tunes away.


JONEsS 2020

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