A Maiden Voyage

How come the negatives are creeping out? Why do we let affirmations simmer and steep in doubt? We take too much from ourselves and leave the crumbs to our selves we can no longer stand proud & stout…
Is there a banner we can call our own? A sigil to embed into our mobile phones? A war cry so feral and so motherfxckin absurd the competition suffers rattled bones?
I just don’t know about all of that noise, it was a hella night with all the broads and boiz so, let’s set the tone for a come down shuffle or not – be your clown then wake up & rack up with stellar poise, My G!
My very first playlist, “Chrisalys” is on the seas of enjoyment & critique. Be genuine because this journey is as much mine as it is yours. Indulge, beloveds xx.
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